• Waiting for Wednesday Waiting for Wednesday
  • I Control the Sun I Control the Sun  Col. 3
  • Wake Up Wake Up  Col. 1
  • Everyday Everyday  Col. 4
  • Window Shopping Window Shopping  Col. 4
  • Probably Probably  Col. 2
  • Sandalwood Sandalwood  Col. 4
  • Snowday Snowday  Col. 2
  • Cake & Pie Cake & Pie  Col. 1
  • Probably Probably  Col. 1
  • Wishing Heart Wishing Heart  Col. 4
  • Diamonds Diamonds  Col. 1
  • Wishing Heart Wishing Heart  Col. 2

New Summer 2015 Frame Styles

Breathe Candy Candy
Heart Beat Sweet Eyes Inspiration
Breathe Candy Candy
Muse Sky Wonder

About Lisa Loeb Eyewear

Lisa Loeb sees the world through her iconic cat-eye glasses, and we see an acclaimed, self-made musician & performer who redefines how women accessorize.

Introducing the Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection - Eyewear created by Lisa for others to find the look that defines them.

The Lisa Loeb Collection features frames for every face, and a look for any occasion: the office, school, your best friend's wedding, or the after party. Designs to accentuate a life fully lived.



Eyewear that defines a life... YOURS